Rooted Pixels Assisted SNAP Auto-Poster Set-Up Is Here!

Social Media posting made easy, share your blog with everyone with a simple click!

Want to post to all of your social media hubs to get the most from your blog?  Try out our new service utilizing SNAP.  We can set up the Auto-Poster for you and every blog post you make will automatically be sent to all of your connected social media accounts.

What is SNAP?

Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP) is a unique technology that gives you an ability to automatically post your messages, posts or announcements to the most popular Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Blogger/Blogspot, etc… SNAP is available as WordPress Plugin or as pure PHP API library.

You will love the ease with which you can keep your social media accounts up to date and relevant with every post you make to your website.  Your posts will automatically be sent to all of the social media accounts you have set up with SNAP and bring people back to your website.

How easy is it to begin using SNAP?

To start using SNAP on your website, contact your website manager and ask them to begin setting up the plugin. Your web manager will need to know what social media accounts to link the app with and they will need temporary access to your accounts.  This process will be quick and painless. Once it is set up you can begin using SNAP immediately. Simply write your post on your website as you normally would and publish the post and SNAP will post a link to your blog post to all of your linked social media accounts!

Publish to have SNAP post to all of your connected social media accounts

Write your blog and publish as normal to post to all of your connected social media accounts.

Once you publish your new post SNAP will post your blog entry to every Social Media account you have connected instantly

SNAP post to Twitter

Auto-post to Twitter

Auto-post to LinkedIn


Auto-post to Facebook and more!

Also, because SNAP has no branding you can name the auto-posting app whatever you want within your social media profiles.


Name the SNAP app whatever you want to.

  • SNAP can save you hundreds of hours by updating all of your social media instantly with your current blog posts, without the need to manually post to every account you use.
  • SNAP will help generate visits to your website through your already existing social media accounts.
  • Get the most out of your blog with SNAP by reaching out to all of your followers on every social media platform you currently use.
  • Set up is quick and you are able to use SNAP within minutes of setting it up on all of your accounts.

If you are interested in using SNAP, contact your web manager at Rooted Pixels and start the painless process today!